Even as Job suffers, he never loses sight of the fact that God is on His throne and that an eternity with Him is worth the tragedy and suffering of this earth. He knows people look down upon him and laugh at him. Some choose to ridicule him because he fell from such a lofty place, and his "friends" continue to ridicule him for his secret sin. Job, however, focuses on this, "I know that my Redeemer lives, and in the end He will stand upon the earth." He knows that when this world ends, God will still be right there, and Job knows that he will see Him one day. His faith has not been shaken; instead, it is has been strengthened by these suffering and hardships that he has faced. He is more ready now for eternity than ever before. Suffering in our modern-day looks nothing like Job's distress. Our response differs greatly, as well. In our minds, we deserve everything God has given us. If He has given us a large home, then we deserved it. If He has given us incredible influence, then we deserved it. If He has given us obedient, well-rounded children, then we deserved it. Truth is...I deserve absolutely nothing except hell. Every gift is from God and is given because of His love and grace and not because I deserve anything. Enjoy God's gifts as gifts and if He chooses to take them away, then praise Him for the time you had with them. None of that goes with me into eternity, but if I know Him, then I will see Him one day!

Help me, Lord, to keep You as preeminent in my life whether it is filled with success or suffering. Help me to enjoy the gifts that You have given and to live in a constant attitude of gratitude always ready for Your return.