These "friends" cannot fathom Job's attitude, because everyone knows that suffering always happens because of sin. God is righteous; therefore, if I am good, I will be blessed; and if I am bad, I will be cursed. I was teaching a class recently and quoted Wayne Grudem who said this: "When we don't find the specific answer to a specific question in the Bible, we are not free to add to the commands of Scripture what we have found to be pragmatically correct." That quote nullifies the first two sentences of this text. These men took some parts of the Scripture and added a little of their own thinking and used it as a witness against Job. Just because it sounds good or is logical does not mean that it is right; therefore, we must stop judging people according to "our own understandings" and start loving people right where they are as the Bible teaches us to. If God chooses to discipline a child, we should still walk beside him/her and try to be a help and encouragement. If another Christ-followers has done nothing wrong and yet is still suffering in some way, then we walk beside him/her and try to be a help and encouragement. God did not call us to fix people; He called us to love and care for them. Job longs for those kinds of friends. Many people around are crying out for the same. For the church to be effective in today's culture, we must stop judging and start loving those God brings into our lives so they can meet our Savior and He can then fix their problems!

Help me, Lord, to walk beside those who are hurting for whatever reason as You bring them into my life. Help me to stop judging others and start loving them right into Your arms.