This great man who was held in such high regard by his fellow countrymen is now held in contempt by most of those same people, because they have judged him just as these "friends" have. Job realizes that the reputation he built before has been destroyed by the evil that has come his way. It is a great reminder that we cannot rest on yesterday's successes. Everyday is a new opportunity to make an impact upon people. God did not wake you up this morning so you could be mean, hurtful, and judgmental; He woke you to be loving, caring, and forgiving. The ultimate goal of that kind of living is that God gets incredible glory and people are ministered to in ways that no one else could ever do. Job understood this better now than ever before. Every day of health and happiness is a gift from God, and it must be lived to the fullest. Job, however, also believes that his death is near, because he cannot take much more of the emotional and physical suffering that has been his companion for the last few weeks. Great health and happiness create a wonderful life, but illness and heartache can steal all that away in a matter of minutes. Job lost everything in a short time one day and then lost his health at one certain moment on the next day. Satan was relentless in his attacks, and Job is weary and unsure of his future. Job is not alone in his response to illness and heartache; we, too, can lose the joy of living because of unexpected issues that arise. These are the moments when we lean most heavily upon the Lord.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy every day of health and happiness that You provide. Help me to lean heavily on You when those days disappear because of a season of illness and/or heartache.