I apologize to all those who follow my daily devotions. I have the flu and have finally gotten to a place where I can think well enough to write one of these. Thankfully, I am now on the tail end, but the flu is no joke.


Job, once again, has to defend himself against his "miserable comforters." He is ready for them to leave him to suffer alone, because they are making everything more difficult with their false presumptions. Job knows that God has done this to him or, at least, allowed this to happen to him; therefore, he has to believe that God has a plan for the suffering. He describes the suffering like being attacked by an army of marauders who shoot arrows at him and rush him like a warrior. Even in his suffering, Job knows that he has an "intercessor" who is his friend and is pleading on his behalf before Yahweh. Job simply believed that to be true, but we know without question that we have an intercessor, and His name is Jesus. He is constantly pleading our cause since His blood is the catalyst for our forgiveness and for our heavenly hope. When Satan accuses us before the Father, Jesus is there to defend our cause. Through His blood, our slate is clean, and all our shame and guilt have been removed. He truly is our glorious Savior and our faithful Intercessor. It is time we began to live in the victory that we have found in Jesus. Our cultural leanings toward the left have caused many Christ-followers to stop talking for fear that they will be persecuted. Jesus, however, calls us to suffer for His Name's sake. Job would not give into the pressure of these "friends," and we cannot give into the pressure of this culture that we live in. If we are not preaching and teaching the truth, then who is?

Help me, Lord, to walk in victory today even if it creates persecution in the future. Help me to preach and teach the truth in every area of my life as I live for You each and every day.