Job is still on the defense, and he makes a statement that should bounce around our hearts and minds all day long. As he argues his case, he says this, "though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him." Those, my friends, are powerful words, because our first response when tragedy or suffering comes our way is to run from God; to blame Him for the bad stuff in our lives. This is the flesh in its weakest moments. Job, however, does not walk by flesh which means his response is the exact opposite of "normal." Job's hope was not in a risen Savior, but in a coming Messiah. His hope was for a home in eternity with His Father in heaven, and it would not waver even though his earthly life was in shambles. Many of us have gotten to that place where we had to choose to follow Jesus or rebel against Him. The majority probably choose to rebel, but for those who hold fast to Jesus, hope never fades. We know our future is not on this earth or even in the grave; our future is in heaven. Our loved ones who placed their faith in Jesus are already there waiting for our arrival. In this midst of your hurting, stress, or heartbreak, stay the course with Jesus; He will not let you down. His plan is perfect and it always results in our good and His glory. Trust Him even as you struggle through this day, because You know the next step in this journey is a glorious one.

Help me, Lord, to trust You no matter how difficult the day is. Help me to find hope in my risen Savior and the home He is currently preparing for me in heaven.