Job again defends his innocence before the Father and shares examples of righteous people who suffered greatly. He lumps himself in that category believing that God has a purpose that makes no sense to him or to his friends. He never once tries to undermine God's authority or His freedom to do as He pleases, but he does struggle in his own situation, because his heart is broken and his health is diminished. This is normal. We sometimes feel that our situation is "special" or has never been experienced before; when in reality, the same scenario has played out in many different lives through the centuries. This is also one of Satan's deadliest tactics. If he can get us to believe that we are the only ones with a certain temptation or with a certain kind of pain, then he can keep us contained. We do not feel a freedom to share with others what they will judge us for. Job felt that with these men, but he was bold enough to speak against the falsehood and for the truth. We must accept the fact that "there is nothing new under the sun" and lean heavily on those that love us most as we struggle with sin, sadness, or suffering. We need each other. Job needed friends who would love and support him, and we need the same. God has given us a church family to love and support us, as well as many other strong Christians at work, in our neighborhood, or at the gym. Each of those people are the hands and feet of Jesus. He is working through them to help you through the struggle you are currently facing.

Help me, Lord, to stop hiding my suffering and to start leaning heavily upon those You have placed in my life to love and encourage me. Help me to seek their support when I am weak and be their support when I am strong.