Job's third "friend," once again decides to chastise instead of encourage the patriarch. He makes valid points but does so at the wrong time and with the wrong person. We know that Job is blameless and that Satan is trying to get him to curse God and die. Zophar reminds us that we are all sinners and that we sin so much that God does not even remember them all. Of course, God remembers everything, but his point is valid: our sin is voluminous. He also reminds Job that God can do whatever He wants to do, but he adds that our righteousness always leads to reward. While we would all like to believe that to be true, Job is proof that it is not. I believe God loves to bless His kids and He is truly a good, good Father, but He loves us too much to spoil us or to keep us from any hurt or harm. We need the peaks and the valleys in life so that we can grow in our faith and honor God with our words, thoughts, and actions. Zophar did not grasp that truth about God and assumed that Job was living in secret sin and now being punished for it. I would assume that some of you have experienced that same judgment before. I suppose it is a natural response of our flesh which reminds us of how desperately we need to be filled with the Spirit. God loves His children and blesses them immensely, but He also molds them and makes them into His image which is not always fun or easy on our parts.

Help me, Lord, to be filled with Your Spirit so that I can win my daily battles with sin and can see people as You see them. Help me to be grateful for Your blessings and to recognize those seasons when I am being molded into Your image.