Tragedy and suffering normally brings about great despair. Job was completely wrapped up in his despair and struggled to see God in a positive light. It is heartbreaking to hear a godly man ask His Maker to take his life. He does not try to take his own life, nor does he give any justification for doing so, because he believes God has a plan. He simply wants that plan to include his immediate death. Since we know "the rest of the story," we know that Job actually does prosper and have more children and live a wonderful life, but he cannot see that or believe it to be true at this moment. Have you come to that place at some point in your own life? When our emotions are stretched to their limits, and our physical bodies seem to be falling apart, it can seem as if there is no reason to live. In those moments, death seems to be a better option than life. Faith, however, causes us to wait on the Lord for death and not take matters into our own hands. God has a rich and wonderful plan for your life. While you may not experience it completely on earth; it is guaranteed in heaven. At this moment, God is preparing us for eternity; therefore, we must keep our eyes set on what is to come while doing our best to live for Him on earth. God never promised perfect health or uncountable wealth; He promised to save us when we place our faith in Him and to meet our needs according to "His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." He also promised tribulation on this earth. God's call for us is to live by His promises and not our circumstances. It is the only way we will ever get out of the funk that binds us emotionally and spiritually.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your promises even when my circumstances are less than the best. Help me to walk by faith in Your plan even when death seems to be better than life in my opinion.