This is one of the hardest chapters in Scripture to digest. It raises more questions than answers, but it also provides a powerful principle that we must remember. God never promised that our lives would be perfect. As a matter of fact, Jesus promised that we would face "tribulation" (John 16:33). When Job loses everything, we cringe because he is a godly man who truly seeks to honor the Lord with every part of his life. As God removes His hand of protection from Job's family, home, and business, Satan wreaks havoc, but God is going to use that havoc for Job's good and for His glory. Our God does not bring problems into our lives because He is mean and likes to see us suffer; He brings those difficult situations into our lives to build our character; to make us more like Jesus. He knows that we all will eventually hit a wall in our growth, and we need something to push us beyond that point. Those growing pains can be difficult and harsh, but they are needed for my maturity and for my ministry in His kingdom. Job's final words in this chapter remind us that he is a man of faith and believes God has even these horrific tragedies in the palm of His hand. As God brings trials into our lives, how will we respond? Will we respond in faith trusting that God is building our character through our pain; or will we respond in fear and anger and distance ourselves from the Almighty? Job chose to walk by faith; what about you?

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith even when my life seems to falling apart. Help me to trust Your plan for building my character and to stay focused and faithful through the hardships and trials of life.