What causes you to boast to friends and family? Is it a talent or your physique or the amount of money in your bank account? Could it be your spirituality or your gifting that causes you to boast? Yahweh tells us what we should boast in when He says, "...but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord who exercises lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, for I delight in these things." Our boasting should be based on the God that we serve and Who has transformed our lives. When we boast in anything else, we honestly are bragging about something that is fleeting and futile. The people in Judah struggled with this issue. They were sure that they could boast in their spirituality, because they were God's people. They were circumcised; therefore, they were safe from God's wrath. Jeremiah quickly dispels them of that notion, as he tells them that God is going to punish the uncircumcised and those who are circumcised physically but not of the heart. These people worship idols and find their hope in the creation instead of the Creator. We, too, struggle in this area and must rethink what we actually boast about. If it is not the Creator, then what are we boasting about really? God so wants the eyes of the Jews in Jeremiah's day and our eyes in the modern-day church to be opened to the reality that we are absolutely nothing without Him. He makes us valuable and He brings importance to our existence. He gives us purpose and meaning; therefore, our boasting should be in Him alone.

Help me, Lord, to boast only in You. Help me to stop finding my value and purpose in a skill, physical attribute, or spiritual discipline and to start finding my value and purpose in You and You alone.