Do we have any prophets like Isaiah or Jeremiah in the modern-day church? While these prophets had heavenly insight into future events, they did not always know exactly what God was saying or when those events would take place. Their greatest role in Israel and Judah was to call sin a sin. In truth, everyone of the prophets were offensive to the cultural norms of their day. They were not necessarily the most popular people in a town or village, but they never wavered from telling God's people God's truth. We have these incredible records of their faithfulness and honesty in Scripture, and we see how Yahweh used them in ancient times and is still using them today. Few churches are looking for modern-day prophets to fill their pulpits. They prefer the good-looking pastor who tells funny stories and makes them feel good about themselves. The Old Testament prophets would never be accused of either. They simply proclaimed "thus says the Lord" and trusted Him to do the work necessary to change people's lives. Pastors today have loads of pressure to produce numbers in worship, and they stress over how to make the truth palatable and enjoyable. Honestly, God's Word was never intended to do either; therefore, we lose the power of the Scriptures when we give people what they want instead of what they need. Jeremiah calls out the people of Judah for their sin and talks openly about it and the consequences they are facing and will face for it. The people rarely listened and did not repent, but they also had no excuse when God sent them into captivity. They could not say they did not know, because the prophets were faithful to tell them. The same is true today! Only two options exist for eternity, and we need people to be prepared for one of the two as they consider their forever destination.

Help me, Lord, to call sin a sin. Help me to preach and teach Your Word as You have written it so that those who hear will know what is coming and be able to prepare correctly for it.