God uses His prophet to remind the people that His promises are eternal but conditional. His promises will always stand against time, culture, or war. They are trustworthy, and they are conditional. That is, they only work if we are willing to do what He asks of us. Jeremiah reminds the Jews that God has promised them a land and protection over that land, but His promise is based upon their willingness to put Him first and walk according to His way. When they chose a different route, the promise was nullified and calamity followed. The most incredible part of this text is the fact that Yahweh offers them another opportunity to obey. He tells them that if they will turn from their wickedness and return to Him with their whole hearts, they can stay in the land and enjoy His blessings. Once again, that is God's amazing grace! He makes promises that will kick back into action once we make the right decision to follow after Him. In our humanity, that makes little sense. If a person rebels, then he/she deserves the consequences without forgiveness or a renewal of a relationship. God does allow us to face the consequences of our sin, but He also forgives our sins and removes them from our accounts of wrongs when we confess and repent of them. He wants His people to turn away from idolatry and sexual perversion and return to their monotheistic roots and to the principles of His Law. Yahweh's promises are still in effect today! They are trustworthy, but they are also conditional. In other words, you and I have choices to make every day that will impact how those promises work in our lives.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy an active and growing relationship with You. Help me to live by Your promises and to share them with those who do not know the power of Your Word or the unconditional love that You have for them.