Our God has absolutely no limits to His power or His protection! He is Lord of all and more than able to do far more than we could ask or imagine. As the captives are being marched from Jerusalem to Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar tells the commander of his army to find Jeremiah and give him the option of staying in Jerusalem or going to Babylon. In either situation, he will be well taken care of and protected from any future harm. This prophet who has been abused by his own people is now being protected by the enemy who has destroyed Jerusalem and defeated Judah. Who gets the glory for that? We must give all glory to Yahweh, because He rules the hearts and minds of the kings of this earth. Even if they do not follow after Him, God can guide them to fulfill His plan and to protect His people. He has absolutely no limits; therefore, we can rely upon Him when everything around us is falling apart. Jeremiah was literally in the "chain-gang" that would be forced to walk to Babylon. He prepared himself for the inevitable, but God had a completely different road for His prophet to travel. He set Jeremiah up with the leader of those who were left in Jerusalem and provided for his basic needs while they were learning their new normal. God's prophet did not have to worry about food, water, clothing, or shelter, because Nebuchadnezzar made sure it was all provided. Could we write a better story? Our God is truly the Almighty of this universe and rules with love, grace, and justice. You can trust Him today no matter what Your circumstances seem to be. He is faithful, and He is able!

Help me, Lord, to trust You completely even when my world is crashing down around me. Help me to celebrate Your protection and provision and how You use the most wicked to provide both.