Pride and hatred are powerful forces that can destroy the greatest of men. Due to Zedekiah's pride and hatred of the truth, he allowed his men to do what they wanted with the prophet, Jeremiah. Those men took him and threw him in a muddy pit without food or water. Thankfully, another man heard of their heinous acts and sought permission from the king to save the prophet. Eventually, Zedekiah requests Jeremiah's presence and actually listens to his prophecy. He does not obey it, but he hears it and understands what his future will look like. His pride would not allow him to surrender to the Babylonians which meant he would watch his beloved city destroyed and his family and friends killed in front of his eyes. His decision to do the opposite of what God wanted him to do impacted so many in ways they probably never imagined possible. Do you ever consider the impact your sin has upon the people you love most? Children are deeply impacted by their parent's sin. Parents are deeply impacted by their children's sin. Co-workers, teammates, and neighbors are impacted by our sin. We like to think that as long as our sin does not "hurt" someone else then it is no big deal. Sadly, we never grasp that all sin impacts more than one person. What is stopping you from putting away your sin and seeking God with your whole heart? Are pride and hatred getting the upper hand in your world today? Zedekiah and his family and his followers suffered greatly because of his rebellion against God's Word. Those that we love will face the consequences of our sin if something does not change!

Help me, Lord, to walk faithfully with You so that my life can positively impact the people I love most. Help me to overcome the issues that I currently battle due to other people's sin by the power of Your Spirit and the love of Your church.