God tells Jeremiah to write down all the words he has spoken to Israel and Judah with the hope that God's people might hear them and return to Him. The prophet employs a scribe to write down his words and then read them to the people at the temple. It is amazing to think that Yahweh is still willing to give His people another chance. He wants them to turn from their rebellion and seek Him with their whole hearts. Baruch, the scribe, writes everything down and then reads it at the temple. Some of the temple leaders hear Jeremiah's words and are convicted. They protect the scroll and encourage the prophet and his scribe to go into hiding before they share its contents with the king's court. Jehoiakim, the puppet-king of Judah, hears the words of the scroll and then burns them piece-by-piece. He then sends his officials to arrest Jeremiah and Baruch, but they were hidden and could not be found. God commands Jeremiah to write his words on a scroll a second time and then promises Jehoikim's demise due to his unwillingness to listen. Why will people not listen to God? For Jehoiakim and for most of us, the answer is simple: pride! The king sees himself as untouchable, because he serves Nebuchadnezzar and assumes he enjoys his protection. That same pride will cause him to rebel against the king of Babylon and suffer the horrible consequences of doing so. Pride is a destructive force that will always lead to a fall. It will dictate our decisions and our relationships and will close many doors that God wants to open for us. Pride ruins any hope of a relationship with God, especially if it requires any kind of surrender. God gives us chance after chance, and pride destroys our ability to take advantage of those opportunities.

Help me, Lord, to put away the pride that will destroy my life and my relationship with You. Help me to listen to Your Word and praise You for the second and third chances You provide when I mess up.