Yahweh tells Jeremiah to find a specific family in the area and invite them to the temple and offer them wine to drink. Once they arrive, the prophet offers them wine, and they refuse it which turns the conversation to the reason for their refusal. They tell him that their forefather, Jonadab, commanded them not to drink wine or to build houses or plant vineyards. They were to live in tents, and the family has followed Jonadab's commandment from his death until now. Yahweh is moved by their commitment and gives another prophecy because of it. He tells the Jews in Jerusalem that if they stayed faithful to Him as the Recabites have to their forefather, then they would enjoy His incredible blessings upon their lives and their nation. They have chosen a different path; however, and are now suffering the consequences of that decision. This family is going to be honored by the Lord and will "never fail to have a man to serve [Him]." God honors faithfulness! That does not mean the Recabites had a perfect life from that point on; it just means that God celebrates their faithfulness by making a promise He will keep! Our unfaithfulness is a plague upon our lives and upon our relationship with the Almighty. He is faithful in all things but is also concerned about our faithfulness. We serve a God who loves to bless His kids, but He is limited in doing that by our lack of faithfulness to His Word and His way of life. You and I do not have to understand the whole counsel of God to be faithful to Him; instead, we must be faithful with what we know now and to what He continues to reveal throughout our lives.

Help me, Lord, to faithfully follow Your plan for my life and to enjoy Your blessings on my life and my family. Help me to stay the course when the culture strays away or when those closest to me try to push me in the wrong direction.