Yahweh gives a prophecy to Jeremiah about King Hezekiah. He promises that the king will be taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar but he will not die there. God is going to spare his life even though he clearly does not deserve it. As the Babylonian army is bearing down on Jerusalem, the people are charged by the king to set their Jewish slaves free. This decree honors the Lord, because the Law requires all Jews to set their kinsmen free from slavery after seven years of service. Those who were impoverished or unable to take care of themselves or their families financially could "sell" themselves into slavery with a guarantee of seven years of service. Over time, the masters stopped letting their slaves go as another sign of their rebellion against God. Now, Hezekiah decrees that all Jewish slaves are to set free. Once the heat of battle has cooled and Nebuchadnezzar has pulled back his attack, Hezekiah changes his mind and allows the slave owners to keep their slaves. Yahweh is not pleased and promises to bring the enemies back to Jerusalem to finish what they started. His wrath will be poured out upon these people who choose not to honor Him in any part of their lives. Does God always bless obedience? I believe He does though not always in the manner that we think He should. His blessings are chosen and given by Him and are not based upon what we want or what we think. His blessings are undeserved; therefore, we should be thankful no matter what they look like. When we choose to disobey, we choose to give up those incredible blessings from our good, good Father just as the inhabitants of Jerusalem chose to do.

Help me, Lord, to walk according to Your ways and enjoy Your blessings upon my life. Help me to keep my word and not renege on my promises to people or to You.