Why does God care what happens to His creation? We are so wicked and so selfish and so fleshly-minded, and yet He continues to watch out for us and provide for our needs. Why? Jeremiah gives us a clear reason: He loves us with "an everlasting love." Some will say that God could never love them or that God clearly does not love them because of the struggles He has allowed in their lives, but God tells us that He loves us and and then He proved it by sending His one and only Son to redeem a people who did not want to be redeemed. If God had been guaranteed that every person would accept the free gift of His Son, then we might understand the gift of Jesus, but God sacrificed His Son knowing some would reject Him, use His Name in vain, and pervert His sacrifice for selfish gain. That, my friends, is love. It is the message the Jeremiah desperately tried to convey to God's people. Yes, they were currently in captivity, but they were free to live their lives inside the "bubble" Nebuchadnezzare created for them. They could build homes and families and worship Yahweh just as they did in the Promised Land. His promise, however, is that they would eventually return to the Promised Land and dwell there under His loving hands. He will make them an example for other nations and will protect them from their enemies. His provision will be off the charts, and His people will prosper and enjoy peace in their land. Why in the world would God do that for people who seem to care nothing for Him? His love is far beyond any earthly love we could ever experience. His love is truly everlasting and completely unconditional, and it is pointed directly at you. We are a blessed people, and we have the incredible privilege of living for and worshiping our awesome God.

Help me, Lord, to bask in Your everlasting, unconditional love for me. Help me to celebrate that love as I walk in obedience and worship faithfully privately and corporately.