One of the great struggles that we face as humans is the struggle with the future. It is one of the greatest draws to Christ, because He settles our eternal future through His death on the cross. The struggle with our earthly future remains. The Jews who were taken captive in Babylon were completely unsure of their future even though the false prophets who told them they would never be taken captive are now telling them that they will be set free in a few short years. Jeremiah, God's true prophet, gives them a completely different prophecy about their future. He tells them that God has a rich and wonderful plan for their return to Jerusalem and to the Promised Land, but it will not happen for seventy years. This little nation that no one really cared about was safe and secure in Yahweh's hands and exactly where He wants them to be. He is the One who holds their future firmly in His hands and will ensure that it will happen just as He has promised. Do you see the incredible truth for us in those verses? God is the One in charge of my future and your future if you are in Christ. He has a rich and wonderful plan that includes soaring mountaintops and deep valleys but also includes a home in heaven. I do not have to stress over my future or my children's future, because my God is in charge of them and able to bring His future plans for me and my children to fruition. Faith relieves our stress of what could be or what might happen and allows us to live in this moment for His glory. The Jews were not necessarily in their happy place at the moment, but they were secure in Yahweh's hands; therefore, they could actually enjoy the captivity and thrive in it.

Help me, Lord, to stop stressing about the future and just trust that You are at the core of what will happen later in life. Help me to thrive in the place You have me in at this moment and trust You with what is to come.