God does not hold back His displeasure with His people.  He compares them to a prostitute or a promiscuous lover that constantly strays from the one he/she is committed to.  It is a sad reproach, but a beautiful reminder that God is intimately involved in the details of His people.  He hurts when we allow sin to rule our hearts, and He is angry that we have given our allegiance to another.  This is the awesome God that we serve.  Even in the midst of our rebellion, He still loves us and wants the best for us.  His goal is to help His people hear the truth about themselves before He brings destruction upon them.  Our sin always has consequences, but as we turn away from that sin, we stop the flow of new consequences.  That does not mean we will stop the flow of old or current consequences, but when we return to the Lord, He stops new consequences from coming our way.  We have so many examples to look at...Judah had Israel who fell away even earlier than Judah as the perfect example of what they do not want to be.  Israel was annihilated by the Assyrians.  They were taken captive and spread throughout the world.  The few who were left in the land intermarried with Assyrians and other people brought to their land and created a whole new people group.  God cannot imagine that Judah could see what Israel went through and not repent and turn away from their similar sin.  We, too, have many examples of those who supposedly follow Christ, but then rebel against God and seem to lose their way.  It is a travesty and we quickly begin to see the consequences of their decision.  We see that yet in our pride somehow think we will not follow.  We believe we can handle our sin better than they did and therefore the end result will be different.  That is a farce that we should run from.  Sin is deadly and destructive, and it will take more from you than it could ever give.  Stay the course!  You are God's beloved, and He wants the best for you.  

Help me, Lord, to stay the course that You have set for me.  Help me to see the consequences of my sin and of the sin of those around me and choose to follow You with my whole heart, mind, and soul.