God tells the captives in Babylon to settle in and live life to the fullest, because they are going to be there for a while. Jeremiah is clear that the captivity will last for seventy years and then Yahweh will set them free to return to their homeland. While the false prophets promised a much quicker return and encouraged the people to be prepared and never settle, Jeremiah told them that Yahweh has amazing plans for their future, but they will only happen as He ordained them. Many believers think they have gone too far and that God has given up on them. Jeremiah would not let Juday believe that at all, because our God does not give up on His kids. He disciplines us, which sometimes changes our whole trajectory in life, but He does not abandon us forever. The great truth is that God can give you a wonderful life even when it seems that you have ruined the life you previously lived. The Jews were sent into captivity because of idolatry. This was the only way Yahweh would get their attention and draw them back to Him. He wanted them to search for Him with their whole hearts, and then they would find Him. We have sins that are stopping us from being our best, and God, in His infinite love, will do what is needed to get that sin out of our lives. The result can truly be life-changing, but we can still thrive and make an impact upon His kingdom. You may never be restored to your past position or your past standing in society, but you can live life to the fullest as it currently is and serve the Lord where He currently has you. Search for Him with your whole heart and He promises that you will find Him.

Help me, Lord, to let go of the bitterness and shame that come from past failures. Help me to search for You with my whole heart and trust that Your promises will stand even when I am unsure and unsteady.