It is amazing to consider how many people have no desire to hear the truth from God's Word. They want to live according to their own truth which is based more on emotions than facts. It is not a new occurrence. Jeremiah was given a specific message from the Lord and a specific task for its delivery. The prophet obeyed, and the people not only rejected the message but planned to assassinate the messenger. He did not tell them anything that they had not already heard, but the crowd also listened to false prophets that led them astray and created this hatred for the words of God. Some government officials show up when they hear of the fracas and remind the people that Jeremiah is not the first prophet to say these things and maybe it is time to start listening. They reminded the people of another prophet named Uriah who "prophesied in the name of the Lord" and was put to death by King Jehoiakim. Do these people want to follow his example and carry the blood of Yahweh's prophet on their hands? When those who are rebelling against God respond vehemently and violently to a message, then we can rest assured it is creating a conviction that they are fighting against. Our battles are not fleshly, according to the Apostle Paul. They are spiritual in nature and are a result of rebellion against God and His truth. That truth is what will set them free if they will simply listen to the prophets that Yahweh continually sends their way. How does this attitude impact the modern church? It should have no impact whatsoever, but it does; therefore, we must continue to preach the truth with absolute conviction and not waver no matter how great the pressure might be. We must follow Jeremiah's example and take God's Word to the people God sends us to and preach it clearly and simply just as He told us to.

Help me, Lord, to stand against the profane culture that currently exists in this country. Help me to preach/teach/live Your Word faithfully so others can see and hear the truth of who You are and of how You want us to live.