Jeremiah reveals another prophecy straight from God's mouth. As Nebuchadnezzar begins his reign over Babylon, Yahweh promises that he will be the instrument used to destroy the temple and Jerusalem and to take His people into captivity. This upstart king will bring a horrible end to God's people. I suspect people laughed at Jeremiah's words and saw no possible way for them to come to pass, but who got the last laugh? Yahweh knew exactly what would happen and warned the people for at least twenty-three years through Jeremiah alone. How many other prophets that are not even mentioned in Scripture did the same? These people were hard-hearted and so acculturated that they could not hear God's voice or see the truth that was right before them. God promises that His people will spend seventy years in captivity and then He will turn against Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon and destroy them. He will use the Medo-Persian empire as His vessel of destruction in that scenario. God says it; therefore, it will happen. Do you believe that? My faith or lack thereof does not necessarily change God's plan of action; therefore, I must stop thinking I can believe enough to fix a problem. My trust is in the reality that God is intelligent enough; compassionate enough; and gracious enough to do what is best for me even when I do not necessarily like it. If we see God as our magic genie in a bottle that will grant us at least three wishes, we will be sadly disappointed. God is so much more than a genie in a bottle, because He already sees the best course to take and is moving my life and your life towards that course. God's people could not and would not listen to His voice; therefore, they had no option but to suffer the consequences of their wickedness and stubbornness. When we listen to Him, we can save ourselves much heartache and pain while staying on track with God's plan and enjoying His best in our lives.

Help me, Lord, to stop expecting You to fix every problem I face. Help me to trust that You know what is best and that I can rest in Your plan instead of rebelling against it.