Already, God has sent a number of his people (ten tribes) into captivity and has left their land desolate and inhabited by foreigners. Judah is heading in that same direction and now they are getting desperate to know what will happen in the future. Their priests and false prophets keep telling them that Yahweh would never allow their demise; therefore, they must hold strong and He will intervene. God, on the other hand, has been speaking to His people for hundreds of years about their destruction if they do not repent and return to Him. They simply have not listened and now they are going to suffer the consequences of their idolatry and sexual perversion. God, however, promises to bring a "remnant" back to Jerusalem to rebuild what He is about to destroy. Throughout Scripture, we find a remnant of people who have stayed faithful to the Lord. At times, it seemed that the prophet was all alone, but God always reminded him that like-minded people did still exist. This remnant was the only way Yahweh could continue the lineage of Jesus; therefore, it would always remain intact. Even today, we see that remnant of believers who are staying true to God's Word and to the ways He has prescribed in it. Much of the so-called church has chucked the Bible and allowed the culture to create their theology; it is a sad reality that the church has become just like the culture and can, therefore, have no real impact upon it. This remnant, however, is committed to the truth and strives to walk daily in it. No individual person is perfect, but we can read the Word and apply it to our lives and know God is honored. We can preach the truth every week from the pulpit and pray those seeds of the Scriptures will take root and draw another person to Jesus. We cannot give up or give in no matter how heavy the pressure is. We are God's remnant! Keep the faith and stay in the fight!

Help me, Lord, to be a part of that remnant that is staying true to Your Word and Your way of life. Help me to keep the faith and stay in the fight even as others who claim Your name choose to follow the culture and rebel against Your truth.