Speaking through his prophet, Jeremiah, Yahweh pronounces an indictment against His people. They have chosen to worship idols and not worship Him. They have chosen gods of wood and stone over the Almighty God who created them and then delivered them from Egypt and other foreign invaders. They have surrendered their character and morality to gods who are not actually gods and live according to their supposed standards. Yahweh's indictment includes a reminder of what they have lost due to their horrible decisions. They are no longer victors over Egypt and other foreign powers; now, they are slaves and captives. They have given up their sovereignty in the name of worship. God's indictment is obviously a reality that they simply do not want to see or admit. He goes on to question their loyalty towards the false gods they worship simply because they turn to Him for help in times of trouble and not to the gods of wood and stone. His point is that they inherently know that those gods do not have any power or personality, but they choose to worship them out of arrogance and a deep desire to be like everyone else. Does Yahweh issue that same indictment against us? We worship many false gods including the gods of wealth and self; pride and power; popularity and pleasure. These are our gods, and we will do anything for them. Sadly, they do nothing for us on earth or in eternity. They eventually steal our joy and leave us with heartache, hurt, and serious problems. God's point for the Jews and for believers today is to wake up and see the truth about who God is and who they are with and without Him. We need to take an inventory of the gods we worship and their impact upon our lives. Since they never keep their promises or fulfill the plans we have for them; they will never satisfy or make our lives better. Wake up! That is what God is saying through Jeremiah.

Help me, Lord, to wake up and see the stupidity of idolatry. Help me to turn all of my worship to You and enjoy the incredible blessings that come from a life well-lived in Christ.