Yahweh now commands Jeremiah to buy a pot and take it to a city destroyed by war. He is to take some of the leaders to the ruins and smash the pot. His goal is to help these men see that they, too, will be smashed and destroyed because of their horrible wickedness and idolatry. Some read this section of the Old Testament and see God as mean and unforgiving, but God is not the one to blame. These people have brought this upon themselves. They have chosen to follow false gods and have rebelled against the commandments, precepts, and principles that God gave specifically to them. They were His chosen people who were given far greater blessings than any other nation, but they took it all for granted and never grasped just how amazing life was when lived for Yahweh. In today's culture, we prefer to shift the blame for the negatives in our lives to other people or to a deity of some kind. We naturally assume that we are not the source of the problem which means something or someone is. I suspect God gets accused of many things that He has not done. In truth, God wants to bless His people. He wants to help us through the tough times in life and even use them for your good and His glory. He wants that for you! He is also clear that when sin is actively present in our lives, He will remove those blessings and allow us to face the consequences of what we have done. That was God's message through His prophet, Jeremiah, to the citizens of Judah in ancient times and is His message to the modern-day church today.

Help me, Lord, to stop blaming You for my struggles and to start looking inward for the reasons for what I am facing. Help me to celebrate Your blessings on my life as I walk faithfully in the commandments, precepts, and principles of Your Word.