God sends Jeremiah to the home of a potter to make a point about His love for His people. The potter was forming a pot from clay and realized that it was not working as he planned so he takes the pot and remakes it into a usable item that was different from his original plan. God's point is that if His people who have gone down a completely different path than He wanted for them will return to Him, He will make them a usable vessel that might look a little different but still be effective. God can take their past and use it for ministry in the present and future. His people can be powerful testaments to God's mercy and grace. People will know that He is compassionate with those that He loves and can bring incredible beauty from ashes. This principle still applies today! No matter where we have gone or what we have done, God can take us and use us to do some amazing stuff for His kingdom. Others will fight the same battles that you have in the past, and God can use you to walk with them through that journey to health and happiness. God loved His people so desperately and longed to help them overcome their weaknesses and to walk in victory. He wanted Judah to be consecrated fully and completely to Him, but they would not give up their sinfulness and selfishness. They preferred a life less blessed so they could continue in their sin. Of course, that preference would lead them into captivity and lead to the destruction of the temple and the great city of Jerusalem. They would not surrender and suffered the consequences. Will we be guilty of the same? If you know Jesus as Savior and choose to live in sin, you will suffer the consequences of that decision. God, however, is ready for you to repent so He can remold you into a new image that can be used for His glory.

Help me, Lord, to repent and return to You. Help me to celebrate the amazing work You are doing in my life and to be that moldable clay for Your kingdom work.