In such a serious situation, why does God talk to His people about buying and selling on the Sabbath. These people are involved in idolatry and sexual perversity, and God seems more concerned about keeping the Sabbath. As you read this chapter, it becomes obvious that keeping the Sabbath is not the root problem but only the fruit of that problem. His point is that their hearts are not tuned to Him. They do not love Him, because they have turned their hearts to idols made of wood and rock. Jesus said it beautifully, "if you love Me, you will keep My commandments." The key to that principle is loving Jesus, because when we do, we will obey His commandments. Since keeping the Sabbath is one of those commandments, then it is something we have no problem doing. The people of Judah were consumed with the traditions and going through the motions of their faith, but they had no real heart for God or for His Word. They went to church and gave their tithes and offered the correct sacrifices at the right moment, but they did it out of obligation and not a deep love for Yahweh. Have we done the same? Culturally, we believe that as long as we take certain steps, God is pleased with us and all is good with Him. That could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, Jesus tells us that He is less concerned with physical circumcision and more concerned with spiritual circumcision, because our hearts are consecrated to Him and not to the gods of this world. God was not going to send Judah into captivity because they bought and sold goods on the Sabbath; no, He will do so because their hearts were not tuned to Him. What station is your heart dialed to today?

Help me, Lord, to love You and keep Your commandments. Help me to stop thinking that rituals and traditions will make You happy and focus instead on giving You my whole heart each day.