Yahweh warns Jeremiah against marriage or having children at this point in history. He does so to protect those little ones from the certain doom that is coming upon Jerusalem and Judah. A child born in that time period would have little chance of survival and would most likely be an orphan if he/she did survive. These are truly difficult and scary times in the land of Israel. Yahweh is clear that He has removed His peace, His lovingkindness, and His compassion from His people because of their hypocrisy and sin. They even have the gall to ask why this is happening. How could that be? They have been raised in a culture that approves of idolatry and sexual perversion and since God's Word is no longer central in raising children, they believe the lies of the culture and live accordingly. They assume they can worship Yahweh and idols and live perverted lives and still enjoy His goodness and grace on every aspect of their lives. This, of course, is foolish thinking, but it is not necessarily uncommon in our culture. I hear of more Christian couples who choose to live together before marriage simply because the culture approves. Other believers break contracts and do not keep their word simply because the culture teaches them that character is based more upon what they feel than on what is true. When the Bible becomes a footnote in our churches and the pulpit is filled with funny stories and heart-wrenching anecdotes, then God's people feel justified in their sin and have no clue it is wrong. Jeremiah desperately wanted God's people to wake up to the truth. I echo his desire and pray that God's people will return to His Word and live according to it.

Help me, Lord, to keep Your Word front and center in my life. Help me to read and apply what it says to my life so that I can live in a manner than honors You.