You know it has gotten really bad when Yahweh brings Moses and Samuel into the conversation. Both men begged for God to forgive the iniquity of their people and restore their future hope. God now tells Jeremiah that even if they stood up and begged for grace, He would not forsake His wrath against Judah. God is not giving up completely upon His people, but He is set on the destruction of the temple and of the city of Jerusalem and on the captivity of its inhabitants. He tells Jeremiah that it is going to happen. How does Jeremiah respond? He digs deeper into God's Word and finds that it is the "joy and delight of [his] heart." He can handle all that is going on around him, because he has the Scriptures and knows that he is a child of God. We, too, find ourselves in difficult and painful situations that we did not necessarily create on our own. How will we deal with those moments? If we follow Jeremiah's example then we will start with the Bible and find those verses that might help us through that season. As we read and study, we should also enjoy the constant assurance that we are His children and can face anything with Him at our side. You and I will face many moments that we cannot fix or change, but our God is more than able to fix or change any situation and use it to bring Himself incredible glory. Jeremiah got it. Do we?

Help me, Lord, to dive into Your Word before and during trials and tribulations in life. Help me to find strength in the knowledge that I am Your child and that You are walking with me and fighting for me.