Where do you find purpose and meaning in life? Do you find it at work or in your kids or possibly in your looks or your big bank account? Finding value and purpose in those entities will only lead to disappointment and hurt. They are not made to withstand that kind of lifelong pressure and will eventually fail. Jeremiah learns that God gave him purpose and meaning in life. His value came not in what he could do, but in who he was. He was formed by God and known by Him before his birth. He was made for a purpose and gifted to fulfilled that purpose. If God did that for one man, does He not do it for each of us? Do you think He creates a person for no reason whatsoever? Jeremiah reminds us that God is intimately involved in the creation of every person on this earth. He makes us for a purpose; each person has a reason and is gifted to fulfill that purpose. We are so funny, because we always compare ourselves to others and think we could or should be either as beautiful, wealthy, or successful as they are, when God has made us perfectly for His purpose and plan. That plan will include some wonderful moments and some difficult ones, but as long as we stay in it, we can expect His protection and provision. God prepares His prophet for the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem and the captivity of His people. He commissions Jeremiah to take his gifts and abilities and use them to speak His truth to His people. Even if they choose not to listen, his job is to tell them the truth. What has God made you to do? We find lots of those answers in the Scripture, but we also find them by looking at our gifts and talents and seeing how God might use them in His kingdom.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate Your purpose and plan for my life. Help me to seek out that plan and then live in it fully and completely knowing You will protect and provide for every need that I will encounter.