The practicality of this letter tumbles into the realm of the tongue. James pulls no punches as he reminds "teachers" that they will be held to a higher standard for judgment because of their leadership position. Leading God's church can never be taken lightly. We must all realize that God holds us accountable for what we say. James tells us that the tongue is one of the smallest muscles, but it is also the most dangerous muscle in our body. With it, we can build people up or destroy a person for selfish reasons. The Apostle tells us that it should not be like that with God's kids. Our words should always be uplifting and constructive. If we send a confusing message of encouragement mixed with malice, how can we expect a person to seek after Jesus? Our words make an incredible impact, and as a Christ-follower, those words need to make a positive impact upon the people we spend time with. Have you met someone battling anorexia? How many times did that person have to hear negative comments about weight and suddenly decide to take drastic, deadly measures. How many people who are currently battling addiction, could return to one word or one conversation that pushed them over the edge? Let your words be laced with that everlasting love that stirs hearts and minds towards Jesus!

Help me, Lord, to use my tongue to build up those You have brought into my life. Help me to point people to You with honest and constructive words that are laced with Your everlasting love!