Have you ever wondered why a certain person came to your church? We are famous for judging from the outside instead of keeping our eyes focused on a person's greatest need. James' challenge is that we show no partiality towards any person who enters the doors of our churches. Wealth, poverty, weight, social status, intelligence or lack thereof should have no voice in how we treat others in the church? We are called to see each person as a treasure, a gift from God, and strive to love and care for them no matter what they are going through. This is God's call upon His church! We must accept all those He brings to us treating each person with a spirit of gentleness, meekness, and love. What would happen if a homeless person entered the doors of your church? What about a young lady who is dressed according to the world's standards that are way outside the "church dress code"? Again, it is easy to ostracize or penalize a person just because they do not fit the mold or act like everyone else does. God has called us to so much more. Consistent love and strong preaching/teaching can bring a person from darkness into the light! If, however, we are so concerned about the external that we cannot focus on the internal, then we are the problem!

Help me, Lord, to see each person You bring into my life as a gift from You. Help me to share Your love knowing it can change a person's life for all eternity.