The prophet reveals God's deepest desire for His people. As the Jews continue to rebel against Him and worship the false gods of the heathen nations, Yahweh desperately wants His people to repent and return to Him. Repentance is an act of turning away from sin and filth and mentally turning in the opposite direction to follow God. This mental act manifests itself in our external attitudes and actions. He anxiously awaits His people's repentance and is ready to end their discipline and captivity and restore their former glory. How awesome is our God? He cannot wait to forgive us and restore what sin has stolen away. We talk about grace in many different ways, but I suspect this is one of the best. God is more than willing to give us the forgiveness that we do not deserve when we truly repent of our failures and return fully to Him. This, by the way, is far more than words. God reminds us that lips that speak empty truths and hearts that strive to deceive will have no standing before Him. He despises those who try to manipulate Him but finds great joy in our sincerity and honesty. Are you ready for your life to be restored to its former glory? Will you admit that much has been lost in your life because of your sin? Will you honestly and openly repent and return to the Lord? His restoration of our lives is far better than the finest restorer of antiques or jewelry. It is a restoration that impacts every part of our beings and allows God to pour out His goodness upon us once again. Again, I must say, we serve an awesome God! He is waiting for you, my friend! Repent of your sins and return to Him with a clear conscience and watch Him restore you to something you might have forgotten you could be!

Help me, Lord, to repent and return fully and completely to You. Help me to celebrate Your restoration and Your grace.