Why do we choose sin over righteousness? Why do we choose God's incredible blessings over His unforgettable discipline? Our flesh is always going to be the first answer to that question. We naturally love and lean towards those things that are against God and His will for our lives. The Bible tells us that our hearts are evil and desperately wicked; therefore, we should not be surprised by our own desires and actions. Jesus, however, gives us a much better option in life. He offers eternal life, and He offers a radically transformed earthly life. We can be different, but we still fall to sin and some "fall from grace." Are you keeping a few of the little sins close to your belt just in case you need them? Seriously, are there some "pet" sins that you do not want to let go of? Those are the "portals" that Satan and his minions will use to destroy your testimony and your family. Israel could not get past their idolatry. God punished them and sent prophets to draw them back, but they would not listen. They would do spiritual things but worship idols in the process. They could not understand why God's "anger is not turned away" and "His hand is still upraised." They figured offering sacrifices without repentance and attending temple worship without actually worshiping the Almighty was still good enough. Yahweh, however, was having none of it and was going to do whatever was needed to bring them back to Him. What is it going to take to get those "pet" sins out of your life? God loves you too much to leave you wallowing in them. How did that work for Israel? Why would it work any differently for you?

Help me, Lord, to put away those "pet" sins that keep me on the edge between righteousness and unrighteousness. Help me to walk in obedience and enjoy the wonderful blessings that come from doing so.