The prophet’s message is simple yet powerful. It tells us to fear God and forget the culture around us. God’s people were so lost in the culture that they completely missed God’s plan for their personal lives and for their nation. Isaiah tells them to stop listening to what is PC and start looking to the Word for wisdom and direction in life. We are currently in a battle for the Bible. Some tell us that we should listen more to the culture and less to the Scriptures, but God has given us a completely different ideology. He tells us that His Word is a “light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet.” We seem to forget that the analogy actually assumes darkness. We seem to think that the culture has redeemable qualities that we need to emulate, but the Bible tells us that our hearts will deceive us, because they are wicked. If they are wicked, then we walk in darkness without the Word of God. Isaiah reminds us that the darkness will never suddenly lead us to the light. We need God’s Word to direct our steps and to lead us on the paths of righteousness. Why do we choose the culture over Christ’s word to us? The culture appeals to our flesh; it is logical and makes sense to us, but the Scriptures are supernatural and turn us away from our flesh. We must make a choice to read the Scriptures and then to apply them to our lives. Isaiah encourages God’s people to do just that. Will they listen? Will we? If we are choosing to follow anything other than the Scriptures, then we are choosing to walk in darkness.

Help me, Lord, to stop listening to the culture and to focus all of my attention on Your Word. Help me to walk in the light as I focus my attention upon the Scriptures and walk faithfully in Your Spirit.