Isaiah is told to prepare the king of Judah for an upcoming battle with two foreign nations including his "archrival," Israel. Ahaz, the king, is given a clear promise by God that he would defeat those who were planning an attack. In the midst of this discussion, God provides a Messianic promise to His people for the present and for the future. He says, "the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel." God is not only using His prophet to prepare the king of Judah for an upcoming attack; He is also preparing His people for the God/man who will enter the world's stage at the perfect moment in history. The people, however, are not listening. They are so consumed with their idols and their perversion that they do not want to hear what God has to say. Have we gone that far as a nation? Have we gone that far as the church in the United States? Are we so consumed with what we want that we cannot hear God's instructions for this life? Isaiah warns the people that doom is coming their way like they have never experienced before. Again, the people will not listen, because the Word of God is no longer valuable to them. They have no fear of God; therefore, they do as the please and do not listen to Isaiah or any of the other prophets of their day. God speaks to us daily through His Word and through His Spirit. Are we listening? Are we interested in "thus says the Lord?" The answers to those questions will determine our future individually and corporately as God's church.

Help me, Lord, to value Your Word and to listen when You instruct me on how to live. Help me to follow Isaiah's example and take Your Word to the masses whether they listen or not.