We are by nature made to worship. To some extent, we like rules and regulations that make us right with a god or we like to rebel against those rules and regulations because we see ourselves as gods. Yahweh tries to temper our religiosity with a reminder that He esteems the person "who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at [His] word." He goes on to reveal His feelings towards those that sacrifice a bull or lamb, offer a grain offering, or burn a memorial incense, and none of them are positive. Since He ordained those sacrifices and offerings, why would God suddenly reject them so vehemently? He does so, because His people have chosen religion over a relationship with Him. They do those religious acts and still walk in their flesh and live like the heathen nations surrounding them. God finds no pleasure in that kind of religious worship. It has no value in His eyes and reveals hearts that are completely out of tune with Him. Are we doing the same? We gather together at some point during the week to worship the Lord. We offer the sacrifice of our time, and our voices sing praises to His name. We study His Word and pray together, but is it all a religious show? Are we living each day of the week in a growing, life-changing relationship with our Heavenly Father, or are we doing what we want to do and rebelling completely against what He prescribes for life and love? Corporate worship is worthless if our week has not been filled with personal worship of the Almighty. He concludes this beautiful book of prophecy with a reminder that our worship on earth is just practice for our worship in eternity. He will prepare a new heaven and a new earth, and we will bow down before King Jesus in worship, adoration, and praise. Are you ready for that day? Your week so far should give you that answer.

Help me, Lord, to worship You daily because I love You and have a real relationship with You. Help me to prepare today for what I will do throughout eternity and to never give into the pull of religion and worthless worship.