In this chapter, we meet a God of justice and mercy. It is truly an incredible mix that humanity could never replicate. Yahweh sees our sin and will judge it appropriately. For the person who has rejected Christ, he/she will be punished according to their sin. They will experience God's justice like no other part of His creation ever has. For the person who has accepted Christ and walks daily with Him, the experience will be completely different, because he/she will be judged by the blood of Jesus that has washed our sin away. He/she will experience the God of mercy and grace. They will walk in Him and spend eternity in heaven because of Him. They will have nothing to brag or boast of, because only Jesus could provide us an eternity with our Heavenly Father. Judah experiences God on both spectrums, because they rebelled against Him on a consistent basis and faced His punishment because of it. His justice was constantly at work, because God wanted to draw them back to Himself. He also looked to a future when He could show His people the mercy and grace that are so deeply ingrained in His character. He wanted to rid their land and their lives of wickedness and make them right and ready for an incredible future with Him. Even now, God is calling us to faithful and focused service. He wants to use us and pour out His blessings upon us. He wants to do this individually and with His churches around the world. God, however, will not abide by that which He knows is hurtful to His precious possession; therefore, we can fully expect His justice to show up when we rebel and walk in the flesh. Our decisions are that serious to God!

Help me, Lord, to walk with You and enjoy Your incredible grace and mercy in everything that I do. Help me to accept Your discipline when I mess up knowing You love me too much to let me wallow in my sin.