As you read this chapter, you have to see the incredible passion that Yahweh is pouring out towards His people. He is unwilling to allow them to walk in their sin forever. He loves them too deeply to sit back and do so; therefore, He begins to show them who they can be and who they eventually will be in Him. While this is a call to change; it is more a thesis on God's deep, abiding love for His people. Paul told us in Romans that "God demonstrated His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." As modern-day saints, we have absolutely no excuse, because we know without question just how deeply God loves us. He gave His only Son as the perfect sacrifice (propitiation) for our sins. There is no greater love than that. Even the Jews knew God loved them, because of what He did from Abraham through Moses and beyond. Now, He wants them to turn from their wickedness and bask in His incredible love. As they do so, He will engulf them in His arms and rule their hearts. They will become His delight, His bride, for eternity. As you worship the Lord today, will you take a few minutes to remember just how deeply God loves you? Will you take some time to consider that the Creator of this universe loves you specifically and unconditionally? He has proven it and now He wants you to enjoy it.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your sacrificial and unconditional love for me. Help me to walk in that love and stay the course that You have set for my life, my family, and my church.