When a believer or a nation follows the Lord with their whole heart, what can God do to bring great glory to Himself? Yahweh uses His prophet, Isaiah, to help the Jews get an understanding of what they are missing when they rebel against Him. God's presence does not just impact our spiritual journey! He works in every facet of our lives as we surrender them to Him. Our marriages, our money, our relationship with our children, our integrity, our work ethic, and our attitudes are all impacted deeply by God's presence in them. Isaiah tells them that God can not just make life better; He actually produces miracles that are far greater than we could even imagine. He will make foreigners rebuild the walls around the city of Zion and men will bring them "the wealth of the nations." He even reminds them that when God is present, they do not need the sun or the moon, because His glory will light the place they inhabit. Why would God do all of this? He does it to bring Himself glory and to bless His people for their faithful walk with Him. Some will say that obedience is an antiquated idea, because grace has replaced it. Sadly, we have missed the whole point -- grace was present in the Old Testament when God chose Abraham and gave him a land that would eventually be Israel's home. Grace has not changed through the years; it has simply become clearer through the life and death of Jesus. God is still interested in our obedience and loves to bless those that willingly choose to follow Him. Life is not perfect for those who walk by faith, but it is by far the best life any person can live.

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You and to see Your hand upon every facet of my life. Help me to enjoy Your sweet salvation by grace through faith and to walk in obedience to honor and glorify Your Name.