The prophet has a vision of God's throne room in the heavenlies.  Everything he sees creates an awareness of who God is and who he is.  He realizes that there is absolutely no comparison between the two.  He is "undone" and feels as if he will die because of what he has seen.  The angelic beings understand his concerns and bring hot coals to purify his lips and to remind him that forgiveness comes from the Almighty and not from his own deeds.  When God cries out for someone to go to His people, Isaiah immediately volunteers.  He is not necessarily excited about the job; instead, he is excited about serving the Lord in whatever way He calls.  As he soon finds out, this opportunity is filled with those who will not listen and will not change. His job is to be God's mouthpiece to Judah and specifically Jerusalem.  He is to confront their sin and call them to repentance and submission.  God's people are hard-headed and hard-hearted; therefore, they will dismiss the prophet even though he speaks the truth.  We serve the same God that Isaiah did.  He is still on His throne and still has seraphim that fly around that throne proclaiming God's holiness.    He is still on our only source of redemption; the only One who can forgive our sin.  He has also called us to take His Gospel to the world around us.  We must not run from this call but embrace it knowing that many will not listen, but a few will hear and believe.  Just as God promised Isaiah a remnant of faithful followers; we can rest assured that God will keep a remnant for His glory and honor. 

Help me,Lord, to see You as Isaiah did and to worship You humbly and consistently.  Help me to take Your Gospel to the world around me and fulfill Your command to "go."