Did God guarantee a perfect life when we walk faithfully with Him? He did not. He promised a blessed life, but not a perfect one. Christians battle cancer and heart disease and the loss of a loved one too early in life. We have children who battle addiction and struggle to stand against the culture of our day. God never promised perfection, but He did not promise to bless those who follow after Him. Why then do we rebel against the Lord and still expect life to be perfect or blessed? This is the question God asks His people through His prophet. He reminds them that He did not leave them and He did not lose His power or authority in heaven and earth. He has not changed, but His people have chosen to walk a different path and have faced the consequences for doing so. We can choose to be angry with God or constantly complain over our plight, but in the end, we must take responsibility for what we have done. I am not saying that every hardship or tragedy is due to our sin. In many cases, we have done nothing wrong, but God's plan includes those difficulties to mold us into the image of His Son and prepare us for the joys of heaven. When, however, we choose to rebel and do our own thing, then we should not be surprised that our lives start to fall apart. Just like Judah, we kind of get used to not having the best in life and forget how good it is to walk daily with the Lord. In the end, God calls Judah and His modern-day followers to repent and return to Him. As we start this New Year, why not get things straight with the Almighty and enjoy His best in 2020.

Help me, Lord, to stay the course and walk each day by faith in Your power and authority. Help me to repent and return to You so that I can enjoy Your best in 2020.