Yahweh laments that His righteous ones die with no remorse from His people. No one notices or cares about those who faithfully follow the Lord, because they are too consumed with their idols and those that follow them. Their focus is completely off-target as God's people; therefore, they miss so much that He longs to give them. They are satisfied with okay, because they have forgotten what true blessing looks like. They follow after gods made of rock or wood and forget the Creator of the universe who chose them out of all the nations on the earth as His own. In their idolatry, they allow perversion to become the norm in life, and they offered their children as sacrifices to a god that had no power and could make no promises. Isaiah's description of Judah reminds me of our nation and the many people who either say there is no God or choose to follow after another god. Perversion is normal in our culture, and our children have been offered as sacrifices on the altar of making-money or fitting into the culture at any cost. Sadly, the church has followed the world into its sin instead of leading the world away from it. We have taken the same path as the citizens of Jerusalem and Judah. It is definitely the easier path, but will never lead to true satisfaction and joy. Yahweh, once again, reminds His people that He will not forsake them forever. Eventually, they will return to Him contrite and needy, and He will forgive their sins and return them to their land. That is grace! Many other nations were never given another chance, but Judah, God's chosen people, were given a promise that they would not be held captive forever. God has made that same promise to all those who have received the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. We may make horrible mistakes and suffer the consequences of our sin, but His forgiveness is complete and our hope is sure, because it is in Him alone.

Help me, Lord, to follow after You and not the gods of this world. Help me to keep a daily inventory of my walk and regularly confess my sin and keep that relationship strong and healthy.