Why do we so desperately need the Scriptures? Isaiah gives us a clear answer. Our ways and thoughts are not on the same plane as God's which means we must have His Word to help us know how to live and how to treat the people we love. The Bible has incredible power to accomplish more than we can even imagine possible. Yahweh promises that His Word will never fail in doing whatever He intends it to do. Does anything else offer that kind of a guarantee? The Scriptures do not just work, but they always work as God plans for them to. When the Word is preached, taught, or read, it will provide an opportunity for change, because it is God's Word to us for that moment in time. We can always look to other sources for wisdom or guidance in life, but we will always be disappointed by the outcome. When the Creator of the universe gives us a word specifically written for us, then it seems like a "no-brainer" that we should listen to it. Honestly, it seems that we spend more time fighting against the Scripture instead of molding our lives to what it says. We want to do everything our way which we assume is somehow better than God's way. We walk in the flesh and receive the rewards of the flesh and somehow are shocked when they feel meaningless to us. Isaiah sees great wealth around him, but he also sees people struggling to survive emotionally and spiritually. Wealth does not guarantee success in life, but God's Word does. It might not be the success you imagined; instead, it will be the success that God has preordained for you through the pages of Scriptures. He has promised it, and He will fulfill that promise if we will only take the time to read His Word and apply it to our lives.

Help me, Lord, to spend quality time in Your Word each day so that You can speak to me and show me how to live this life for Your glory. Help me to stop taking Your Word for granted but to always expect it to do exactly what You promised it would.