What is our heritage from the Lord? Isaiah's answer is that we are the bride and that Jesus is the groom of the greatest wedding to ever take place in the annals of history. God has a glorious plan for our future and Isaiah gives us some of the details. A Jew reading this might think this is a present-day possibility, but we know that this is all eschatological. In the future, God will destroy all of our enemies and bring absolute peace to our lives. He is the One who is more than able to do this; therefore, we can trust His Word to be true. This is the God who softened Pharaoh's rock-hard heart and led His people from Egypt and into the Promised Land. He has already proven Himself to be trustworthy when it comes to keeping His promises. Even in Judah's captivity, we see God's hand upon the earth's events leading up to His people's return to their homeland. He tells Israel that He gave up on them for a short time, but just as He promised Noah to never flood the earth, He promised His people that He would never abandon them again. This is our God, and these are His promises. This future kingdom will come to pass and will be just as grand as the prophet proclaims it to be. He says of Jerusalem, "I will build you with stones of turqoise, your foundations with sapphires. I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels, and all your walls of precious stones." That sounds like an incredible place, and it is promised to all those who follow Christ. If we follow Him, then we are also part of His bride. What better position could we ever hold in life?

Help me, Lord, to trust Your promises and look forward to a future kingdom with Jesus on the throne and peace throughout the land. Help me to look back and see Your hand on my past to give me even more faith for the future.