Messiah is at the heart of this chapter. The prophet has no clue who Messiah will be or when He will appear, but he is preaching God's Word to God's people to prepare them for the future day of the Lord. It is in these sections of Scripture that the Jews seemed to miss God's plan for Messiah and replace it with their own ideas. They are waiting for an undefeatable warrior king who will set them free from Roman captivity, but Isaiah describes a Savior that is "meek and lowly" and has no features that would draw any attention to Him. He does not grow up with earthly wealth or grandeur but lives as the common man who He will one day deliver God's people from sin's clutches. This is Messiah, but the Jews, God's chosen people, missed Him because He did not fulfill their personal requirements for the Anointed One. Are we guilty of the same? Have we created a Jesus that is either completely opposite what Scripture teaches us or have added our own beliefs to Scripture and labeled them as truth? We should know early in life that what we believe has no consequence if it is not based upon truth. I believed my favorite football team would be vying for the Super Bowl this season, but oh how wrong I was. When we do the same with Jesus, we completely miss His work and HIs plan. We create a false pretense and then get upset and disappointed when things do not work according to our plan. If you are there, please re-read this chapter and get a beautiful view of Yahweh's Messiah. Isaiah did not fully understand his writings, but he wrote them as God told him to. We, however, have no excuse. We not only have the writings of the prophets, but we have the Gospels which tell us all about Messiah and His life and death on earth.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to make You something that You are not. Help me to meet You and learn more of You through Your Word and believe only what it says to be true.