Yahweh sees a weakness among His people. It is a weakness that I believe still exists in our current culture. After spending this much time trying to get people's attention, the prophet turns on those who are supposedly teaching them the truth. He does not hold anything back as he confronts the hypocrisy and heresy that is coming from the "pulpits" of the spiritual leaders of his day. The New Testament warns us of those who strive to tickle the ears of their listeners because they lead people away from the truth. Isaiah's point is that the people had no real chance to walk with the Lord, because their leaders did not teach them the whole counsel of God or live in such a way to set an example for them to follow. As a spiritual leader, I understand the seriousness of my role especially in the pulpit God has placed me in. I understand that the Scriptures must be preeminent everytime I step behind that sacred desk. His Word transforms lives; His Word can heal a hurting soul; and His Word can touch each person in a congregation exactly where they are hurting most. When we teach His Word to His people, we bring light into the darkness and life into that which seems dead. God has not called us to make His Word better than it already is; no, He has called us to take the whole counsel of Scripture to His people with authority and simplicity. Israel had no real chance unless they listened to Isaiah (which few did), but we have the freedom to search for a pastor or spiritual leader who preaches God's Word with authority and loves the Word more than wealth, power, or popularity.

Help me, Lord. to only listen to those people who are preaching the whole counsel of Your Word. Help me to faithfully preach and teach Your whole counsel so those under my care will know You and walk faithfully with You in all that they do.