MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope your day has been filled with fun, food, and family as you celebrate the birth of our Savior. Isaiah reminds us that we have nothing to fear when we are walking faithfully with our God. We do not have to worry about oppressors or the upcoming attack of an enemy, because God is with us and will protect and provide for us. Israel heard rumors of empires who were planning to take over the world, and they spent much of their time focused on that enemy. They were not walking closely with God and therefore did not have the confidence that comes directly from Him. Yahweh reminds them through His prophet that He never fails in His plans. He calms the sea with a thought and tears down a mountain without breaking a sweat. He has more power in His smallest part that this whole universe has in its entirety yet we still allow anxiety to rule when times get tough or finances get tight. Our worry does not change God's ability; it simply reveals the weakness of our faith. Our faith grows as we spend more time in the Scriptures and watch God do exactly what He promises to do. There is incredible power in a daily, focused walk with the Almighty. As we enjoy this beautiful Christmas Day and celebrate the precious gift of Jesus may we also seek to strengthen our faith and keep that faithful walk with Him. Jesus is more than the Reason for this season; He is the Reason for everything that we do in this life and upon this earth that He created. As we look to 2020, may we seek to live anxiety-free lives as our faith grows in conjunction with our faithful walk with Messiah.

Help me, Lord, to stop focusing on the enemies that I face and start focusing upon You, the One who is more powerful than any enemy I will ever face. Help me to walk faithfully with You so that I can enjoy Your confidence each and every day of my life.