God’s questions come in rapid fire as He clarifies His stance against their sin and shame. He is not pleased and has sold them to another with the goal of getting their attention and drawing them back to Himself. This, however, was not enough. When He came looking for them again, they were not present or ready to submit to His will. He tells them that as they walk in darkness, they build fires to try to overcome it but never seem to succeed. They will not walk in His light which has overcome the darkness, because they somehow think they could do better. They believed the lies and deceptions of their enemies and chose to walk in darkness. From the outside, it seems so ludicrous. Of all the nations of the earth, they are the only people who have God’s law and His temple. They know the truth and have seen how good it can be to walk in God’s will. It is all right before them, but they choose instead to live as those nations who never knew God or walked with Him. Their decisions are catastrophic and yet could have been completely avoided. Our first thought is to judge their foolish decisions, but we must stop and admit that we, too, have made foolish decisions even after knowing the truth. We have given our hearts to another at certain times of our lives and created difficult if not devastating events because of it. We have the Scriptures and the Spirit, but we still choose to follow after the idols of this world. We also try to build our own fires to light the way in this life and soon realize they do not do the job. God has called us to live in the kingdom of light. It means a radical change in our lives, but it is so worth it.

Help me, Lord, to live in the kingdom of light and not darkness. Help me to surrender my heart to You each day and not give it to another.